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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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later. in court, the federal government played his confession from 2001 so you could hear his voice for yourself. >> i don't want a lawyer. i want to confess to the crimes i have that committed. >> reporter: for about 90 minutes, serial killer gary lee sampson can be heard telling police exactly what he did to phillip mcclosky, jonathan rizzo and robert eli whitney. his case is back in federal court 13 years death sentence was thrown out on technicality. the family of his three victims had to sit throughout testimony all over again. the new defense team said the killer fell down a flight of stairs when he was 4 years old that turned in a serious brain injury as an adult. in july 2001, he carjacked and stabbed mcclosky and rizzo and then to new hampshire where he strangled whitney. we heard his confession to a state police detective back in 2001.
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and in the lungs, in the chest, in the throat. i slit his throat. why? i do not know. >> reporter: you can see the expression on some of the victims' family faces as they had to listen to this all over again. this was used in that 2003 case against him that led to him being and then, also, of course, that first death sentence. coming up at 5, we will have a little bit more of what he told those state police investigators about how these murders made him feel. we are live in boston outside the federal courthouse, robert goulston, fox25 news. turning now outside. pretty much all day long. chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz joins us now. you are forecasting some cooler weather as we head to the weekend. >> kevin: a gradual cooldown
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northwest will bring in that cooler and drier air. talking about showers coming in and heaviest north of the massachusetts border. remember we talked about that yesterday? that certainly has happened. thoughts of more showers coming in during evening commute. not much out there at all. if you really want to look closely, you will find a couple of sprinkles in worcester county around anna maria college in paxton, northward toward boxborough. but these are very light showers. any the moderate to heavy showers came through fairly quickly just a this is being picked up by our live storm tracker network and just a couple of sprinkles and looking to the west to find if there is anything more. a few his or her showers and we will track them this evening and not expected to blow up into anything that we can talk that much about. the heaviest push into maine through canada over the next few hours. the one thing we can talk about, mild, 63 near boston. 70 in providence. norwood at 68. back here in the 50s, that
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southward into our area. i will show you how much we cool down to start the weekend just ahead. >> elizabeth: kevin, thank you. commuters can change their routines due to that toll booth demolition work. now drivers on 128 need to steer clear of another big construction project. mark ockerbloom joins us with the detours. ock. >> reporter: after toll booths starting disappearing on the pike now on 128. be prepared. starting tomorrow, worker will start tearing down highland avenue bridge in needham and you can highlight what is left of the old bridge. this is higher stretch of the highway between 19 a and 19 b will be shut down in both directions at some point. you can check out the map. this will impact local traffic in newton and needham and anyone who drives 128 in this stretch. work starts tomorrow night at 8 when the northbound lanes will be closed so they can take down the east side of the old bridge. then on saturday from 3 to 6 p.m., all lanes of 128 north
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and for saturday night at 6:00 to sunday afternoon at 3:00, the southbound lanes will be closed. mass dot says it is too dangerous to let people drive under the bridge while crews are working. the new highland ave bridge highlighted here will also be closed while the demolition is ongoing. mass dot says it is important to plan ahead and know your detours. we know a lot of information to take in. we got you covered. all the suggested detours posted on our web site at mark ockerbloom, fox25 news. >> elizabeth: ock, thank you. a car slammed into the south side of the hospital in weymouth leaving only minor damage. skyfox over the scene just before noon and shows the car being loaded on to the flat bed. police are investigating how that crash happened. no word on any injuries. as link day draws closer, the excitement certainly building. live pictures of boston city hall plaza where there are pretty long lines of people waiting to cast their ballots right now. it has been like this all day long. early voting ends tomorrow in
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crystal haynes will show us how many people have cast their votes and why the turnout is bigger than expected. it is the last thursday before election day. just five days to go, and this race could not be any tighter. we learned when president obama will be in new hampshire to campaign for hillary clinton. as diane gallagher reports, the candidates are pulling out the stops of big names and big money in the final days of the campaign. >> reporter: big names, big money, little time left. >> five more days. >> reporter: it is coming down to the wire, and hillary clinton is maintaining her election edge over a late-surging donald trump. the cnn poll of polls which averages the five most recent national polls show her leading 46-42%. surrogates for both candidates are out in full force crisscrossing the country. melania trump who until this day did not deliver a speech since the republican convention made a rare solo experience
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>> this man i know so well, donald trump, with your help and god's grace will make america great again. >> reporter: but the plan to catch up or pull away at the last minute is an expensive one. a multimillion dollar closing arguments. clinton's camp ramped up its spending to roughly $32 million in the final week alone, inundating battle ground states with ads like this one. >> this is all it takes is one >> i would bomb the [bleep] out of them. just one. >> reporter: but trump is getting in on big spin too, dropping $20 million on spots airing this week. >> i am tons and i approve this message. >> reporter: while clinton may be the a cubs fan, both candidates in game 7. world series watchers got a side of politics with their baseball wednesday night with each campaign running three ads during the primetime broadcast.
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>> elizabeth: the gaps have closed in new hampshire. the suffolk poll show clinton tied with trump at 42% each. a new poll donald trump edging out hillary clinton by a single point well within the margin of error but first time the republican has led the state in months. good news in the same poll for republicans in the senate race as well. incumbent kelly ayotte hodes a six-point lead over her democratic maggie hassan. which party will control the u.s. senate. the trump and the clinton campaigns are set up for a furious final two davis campaigning. the granite state's four electoral votes could be crucial. donald trump will be in atkinson and manchester on tuesday. his daughter ivanka had events in hollis. and as we said moments ago, president obama will be at unh
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elect the president 2008 and 2012. chelsea clinton will speak at keene state and dartmouth tomorrow. >> elizabeth: we will have complete coverage. >> blair: join us starting at 4:00 and stick with us through the night. results on both the presidential and senate races an hotly contested ballot questions. a car hit a woman and her dog in newton that happened just before 8:30 this morning as they crossed com ave. hit by a suv. the woman was rushed to leahy no word how she and that dog were doing. that driver did stay at the scene. no crosswalk where they were crossing. a woman was trying to catch a bus when she was hit by a car leaving her with serious injuries. it happened in dorchester around 10:30. the 18-year-old walking across galavan boulevard when she was hit. the driver stopped and called for heaven. police tell us he is not facing charges. a busy intersection in cambridge is changing and may impact your commute. new traffic laws are in effect
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for drivers and cyclists. fox25's jason law has more on you what need to know before you drive through inman square. >> reporter: there are bicycles all over cambridge, but in white bicycle and its memorial is a reminder of just how dangerous the intersection at inman square can be, and city officials are hoping a new traffic pattern will save lives. >> my issue is visibility. >> reporter: brian rides through inhahn square every morning. he says this intersection is the most dangerous part of his what the brits called a smitze, sorry i didn't see you mate. >> reporter: cyclists have been calling for a change since 27-year-old amanda phillips was hit and killed by a truck in april. the city outlawed three left-hand turns affecting traffic on to cambridge, hams hire and atnrum streets. >> benefit the cars as much as the cyclist. >> horrible intersections anyway. >> reporter: he says this
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bike just to be safe. >> it can be very harrowing if you are going straight, it's totally fine. >> but i tend to get off my bike and walk across. >> reporter: we checked and during the years of 2005 and 2014, there were more than 260 crashes involving bicycles at this intersection. now drivers are going to see new signs and new lights letting them know about the changes here. in cambridge, jason law, fox25 news. campaign against sexual harassment. the t teamed up with the bay area rape crisis center and other groups. hundreds of signs have been posted and post cards to help raise awareness. the goal is to improve passenger safety and encourage victims and riders. >> there is one too many. many survivors of these assaults hesitate to come forward for the fear of losing
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or not being policed. >> elizabeth: the campaign through february. who killed vanessa marcotte. >> the crime reporter bob ward heads to virginia and spoke with a world renowned investigator and what she thinks happened to vanessa. no one showed up to celebrate one boy's birthday. how the local author of the "diary of the wimpy kid" books dime his rescue. >> no importantly how much cooler it is joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore.
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right now we are following breaking news out of iowa. a man has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the shooting death of two police officers there. des moines police say 46-year-old scott michael greene was put into the handcuffs that belonged to one of those officers killed. he wednesday morning. officer martin and minine was killed in two separate shootings. both were shot in the head while sitting in their cruisers. investigators are now trying to learn greene's possible motive. >> i don't know if we will really ever know. there is oftentimes with a lot these investigations unless they provide us with the reason why they did it, we don't know. >> blair: an explosive
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to the suspected gun used in the attacks. greene faces life in prison if convicted. two servicemembers were killed and two others wounded fighting the afghanistan during a raid against taliban fighters. 26 afghan civilians died in that gunfight. the identities of the americans killed and wounded have not been released. in iraq, thousands of civilians are being rescued from parts of mosul once controlled by isis. reports from the battlefront cautiously from house to house. 5,000 residents have been moved to refugee camps. the third week of a major offensive to force isis out of iraq's second largest city. thousands of gifts and toys destroyed in a fire will be replaced in time for christmas. toys for tots have pledged to replenish all of the gifts for the cape cod military foundation. last week, this fire destroyed that building where the toys and gifts were housed. the military foundation donates
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turns out our wet october did a lot to help the drought of new england. the latest survey shows the significant drop of areas under extreme drought. after a dry summer, more than half of massachusetts was in extreme or severe drought conditions. that number has since dropped significantly in the last month. boston area saw five and a half inches of rain in october snapping a four-month dry streak. >> and finally won it all! 8-7 >> blair: are you sleepy today? a long night for a lot of people. chicago cubs fans i am sure celebrating still. the team's first world series title since 1908 that you saw on fox25 last night. the cubbies beat the indians in an epic game 7 showdown. it went on and on and 10th inning. i said i am going to bed now. >> elizabeth: glad it was the cubs. >> a local woman is 108 years
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she finally had a chance to see that tim win. >> elizabeth: our jim morelli had a very long night. she was in new hampshire during last night's magical moment. >> yeah! [applause] finally. >> reporter: and so it is over, a world series drought of 108 years and for cub fan hazel wilson -- >> so happy. >> reporter: 10 waiting for it. >> happy, awesome. great! >> reporter: nelson was born in chicago in 1908 the last year the cubs won a world series. >> that was a long time ago. everything was. >> reporter: tonight at an assisted living facility in new hampshire, nothing but here and now. game 7 of the world series, hazel's beloved cubs one game away from the clinch. there were stressful moments during the game.
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never certain, until it is. >> yes! >> oh, that was great. >> reporter: cub fans understand this about baseball. it is a bipolar sort of thing where hope and heartache walk hand in hand fused together by fate. tonight, nobody knows that better than hazel nelson. >> i never lost faith in my cubbies. win or lose, i love them. >> reporter: and nothing better to boost confidence than breaking the hazel nelson says she welcomes to come back next fall when she feels certain that the cubs will be going for back-to-back world series wins. we will see. in southie, new hampshire, jim morelli, fox25 news. >> blair: she stuck with it. the game went past 1 a.m. >> elizabeth: she is fiery, i love it. >> blair: watched the game with jim. >> elizabeth: absolutely. a lot of people watched that game. incredible. 40 million people watched it
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i think if you are a sports fan, a true sports fan you love the whole dynamic on both sides. >> blair: did you watch it. >> kevin: i was here until the last out. i had to because the rain delay we had to deal with. nothing but streaming services that probably aren't being counted yet in that number. an amazing feat to do in a whole different world now. look what happened with that rainfall deficit and drought situation. you mentioned it earlier how it improved a b average in boston, but at least that area of extreme drought is shrinking. it started that way because i thought some rain that will help us out a little more today. we had a little rain but certainly not the amount i thought we would have and still a chance of a cup of showers popping up. we talked how north of the massachusetts border through the morning it would be the heaviest and certainly panned out. the one through southern new england haven't stuck around for the evening drive. what is out there right now.
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will keep an eye into the metro west area to west boylston, near the pike into worcester county. we are seeing some showers. not a lot of them. i can't go anywhere else in massachusetts and show you what is happening because nothing really happening. just those showers. what's next? well, track the showers throughout evening, of course, i will keep you updated on that for the evening drive, and behind us and drier and much cooler air is on the way. temperatures are in the 60s right now. 68 in norwood. although to the north and this is something we talkedbo the northern tier of massachusetts and new hampshire. that warm front was setting up we will be a little cooler, more clouds, and a -- well, just cooler air sitting on that front in the 50s. what would be warmer the farther south you went. that is certainly working this afternoon as well. 51 dropping down to the 40s in gardner. dropping and cooling off but not becoming freezing cold and even less of that cool down in cape cod around 50. where is the cool down coming? coming to start your weekend.
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you see the drier air moving in because the clouds start to break up and that will continue. that trend will continue into friday and noontime, mostly sunny, and in the afternoon totally sunny and the dry air pushes on in here. could be a bit brisk too. high temperatures on friday cooler than today even with the sunshine. 52, boston to quincy. 51 for you in newton. on the north shore in merrimack valley in the 50s. lowell to essex. 51 to 52 degrees. you get the idea. with that cool air, starting will drop a lot tomorrow night and the winds go down and cool down into the 20s and 30s and you can see that here. watch as the system starts to drop southward. a little mixing in the elevations. not a lot, i get that. an indication of the cooler air and ? in northern vermont that comes through. a mixture of clouds and sun on saturday. not expecting much as far as shower activity. any time cooler air comes in like that you have to watch for a little energy in the atmosphere that is pushing on
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disturbances, short waves in meteorology, a small chance, 30% chance of the shower popping up and with the cold air in the could be a temperature in in some of the hill towns especially saturday morning. not real exciting but this is, an extra hour of sleep on sunday morning. that is not changing in this forecast at all. we are hanging on your every word here, kevin. coming up new a helping veterans, an inside look into a program that is giving those who served our code enforcement chance to get
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some mothers who want to breast feed their baby but can't produce enough milk, a new place to turn. a milk station depot. a heinrich all about the process they use to make sure the milk is safe for babies. >> reporter: one ounce of breast mill it can provide up to three meals for a baby and especially for preemies and sick newborn. it is medicine they need. these babies at south hospital nicu depend on donor mill tock get them through high-risk times. >> donor mill it can be life
4:26 pm
saving and prevent necrotizing enteritis that can kill the baby. >> reporter: used to be if she wanted to donate, fed ex it in a temperature-controlled box or drop it off, but with a new depot at south shore hospital, it is easier than ever. >> i had a bit of an oversupply and this little guy does not take bottles. pump when we can and help out some other little babies. >> reporter: prescreened moms can drop off their milk at the the bank, screened, pasteurized and tested before being dispensed to 70 hospitals in 38 states across the area. it is a resource that not only affects this community but those around us too. >> mothers who donate mitt can via the depot and the milk bank are really helping to save babies' lives. it is incredibly important and so grateful to these moms for doing that.
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screening. we need health history, a physician's approval and a blood test. in weymouth, jack yack, fox25 news. adults know to watch their diet for too much salt, but children need to be careful as well. foods that could be causing big health problems. tracking a couple of showers out there. even a heavy one in sudbury and marlborough. where these are headed for your evening drive and a cooldown on the way. months since a young mother was brutally murder in
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. all right, take a look at this. om turtles coming out of their shell and enjoying the weather in quincy. but the rest of us cloudy with some sprinkles. this is like weather for ducks, weather for turtles. >> blair: yeah. >> elizabeth: your moment of zen. >> blair: chief meteorologist cooler temperatures, right. >> kevin: a cup of thundershowers passed on by and ripples in the water and looked like rain was falling on these turtles, but now we are watching these showers. not much but they are out there. a cup of them a little heavier were, the yellow. the wayland. yellows showing up on some of the local streets. there is palm island road. route 20 there. one of the main thoroughfares throughwayland. off to the north, a cup of
4:31 pm
along 495 and happening as well. two batches of showers that i am watching but they weren't there when i first started talking to you at 4:00. a few more swinging in from western massachusetts through the evening hours. i will track those as well. the weather story are the cooler temperatures. well into the 60s for the evening plans. it is going to be fine, but the wind will start to pick up overnight and through the day tomorrow. we will blow in cooler and drier air. show you the weekend and risk of any showers and flurries that enter the forecast both on saturday and sunday as well as keep tracking the shower throughout the area for the evening drive. now on fox25, a stunning murder. >> she was the most beautiful girl. educated, intelligent. >> elizabeth: still unsolved. >> people are afraid. it is a horrible thing you. >> elizabeth: a jogger found brutally killed.
4:32 pm
a horrible set of circumstances right now and we will do whatever we can. >> reporter: three months later few clues and a killer still on the loose. >> somebody that has some familiarity with that area. >> elizabeth: now new insight into who might have killed vanessa marcotte. since the 27-year-old's body was found in rural princeton, there have been hundreds of tips that state police investigators have poured over. the arrests. >> blair: for you in england unsolved, bob ward traveled to west virginia to meet with one of the top profileers to get insight on this troubling crime. insight on this troubling crime. >> reporter: in princeton, summer gives way to autumn, but
4:33 pm
mile from her mother's town continues to haunt this small massachusetts town. vanessa's case still unsolve. vanessa marcotte's killer may not have been caught but left behind valuable clues. a former fbi profiler spent her entire career studying cases just like this >> what you are dealing with is someone engaged in predatory behavior which means that they are out looking for victims. >> reporter: retired fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole have worked on some of the country's most notorious cases including unabomber ted kaczynski, the zodiac killer and the columbine massacre. i showed o'toole my pictures of the marcotte crime scene and
4:34 pm
marcotte fell victim to stranger. a predator. >> no relationship to the victim. walking along and driving along and saw her and decided to do this. that is a very unique kind of violence. it is coldblooded. it is predatory and purposeful. and that is the kind of violence that you see when a stranger goes after someone that they don't know. >> among the biggest clues in this case, the crime scene itself, remote, hard to find, the area. >> there is a good possibility that this person knew that area, and when you know an area, you have command over that area. >> reporter: and then there is vanessa's murder itself. she may have been sexually assaulted and the killer tried to set her body on fire >> the burning was done to destroy evidence. the burning can be done to be sadistic. the burning can be done out of curiosity. >> reporter: but who could do this? o'toole has seen this beflavor
4:35 pm
do something like this, is it about sex, pow her in what drives them. >> begin by power to control. the predator. i am watching her. she doesn't know it. that is exciting. she has no idea what i am going to do. then the motive can shift into wanting to strangle her or to cut her or -- to be aroused by -- by the manner of death. then the motive can change to the need for wanting to destroy evidence. >> reporter: it is believed in her final moments vanessa marcotte fought back and scratched the killer. dna of those scratches might lead to an identification, but right now that killer remains at large. o'toole believes the killer, familiar with the princeton area, is still here. >> pretty much normal. and if they were married would go home and be with their wife and children.
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>> reporter: they would explain away any scratches on her face. >> have a way to explain it away bun of the characteristics of a psychopath they are pathological liars and they are remarkably good at it. >> reporter: the da say 1,000 tips for the marcotte murder have come in but vanessa's killer is still out there. if you suspect anyone and have any information that could bring justice to vanessa's family, for you in england unsolved, bob ward, fox25 news. >> blair: disturbing on many levels, isn't it. if you have a new england unsolved you would like us to look into, e-mail us at or call 877-ne-unsolved. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information on the disappearance of a weymouth man who was last seen
4:37 pm
47-year-old norman lee got separated from his wife in 20 14. they looked for them three days before calling off the search. he is a comic book illustrator. looking for the vandals that left racist words on her property that were directed to her and her 7-year-old son. jackie simpson and her son live in scobee pond road. someone etched a racial slur on the side of her car. then a same racist slogan and targeted yesterday morning. >> we woke and went to get to the car. somebody had egged my car. threw watermelon at my car and fried chicken. >> blair: she installed new lights and security system. tim mcgraw's humbling kind is a huge hit and won song of the year, but did you know it was a local woman who wrote it?
4:38 pm
the first time that her work has ben hassan is my older brother. he is so funny, and so smart, and my best friend. all families have challenges, and my mom instilled in us very early on the importance of finding solutions to those challenges. and working really hard with your community to get things done. and she made it possible for ben and for me to have a family just like any other family. that's part of the reason that she got involved in public service, because that's what's in her heart...
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i'm maggie hassan and i approve this message. joanne: she's not fooling me. britt: kelly ayotte sides with the special interests. i'm maggie hassan vivian: now, she's even playing politic games with medicare. vo: kelly ayotte voted to cut medicare and cost seniors up to $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. fred: kelly ayotte sold us out. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever.
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only from fios. new at 4:30, the drive of a school bus involved in this deadly crash in baltimore recently lost his commercial license. according to tate transportation officials, the 66-year-old medical certificate expired two months ago and he
4:41 pm
his state sent him a letter saying that he didn't have a valid license. he hit a concrete post before slamming into a bus. six passengers died and no one on the school bus. tearing down buildings declared beyond repair after a deadly earthquake. the 6.6-magnitude tremor is the country's most powerful one in 36 years. it flattened was 600 years old. no one there died but in august another powerful quake killed nearly 300 people in that same region. a victory for protesters of an oil pipeline in north dakota. president obama says the army corps of engineers is searching for a different route for that project. demonstrations for that pipeline since april. will carry oil from north dakota to illinois. they say it will threaten local water supplies and destroy a
4:42 pm
they are urging supporters and opponents to show restraint and remain peaceful. smartphone is facing -- samsung is facing a class action lawsuit on those phones that were recalled. the suit lists the galaxy note 5 and s 6 and s 7 model different from the galaxy note 7 which was recalled earlier this year. one customer says his phone overheats often and he is terrified into flames. >> i feel uneasy and anxious. it forces me -- because i don't want someone to go haywire to take it out of the stand and put it in front of the air conditioning unit of the car. >> the lawsuit wants to refund all models and customers. and the devious plot one woman used to get herself a new place to live. showers and report from waltham it is raining steadily.
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when no one showed up to the birthday party much a 9-year-old boy, a local author reached out to him to make him feel special. now the two strangers are calling each other a friend. >> reporter: home schooled since the age of 8, he never birthday party. en he enrolled in school. he wanted a party with friends. the theme, his favorite book series "the diary of a wimpy kid" but no one came. mom kristen describes her son's devastating disappointment. it went viral and word on what happened reached this guy. >> i heard about his situation just days before my new book came out. >> reporter: plainville's jeff
4:46 pm
phenomenon. he thought the book would be a special birthday present especially since he was the only fan to get it. he gave him the very first copy printed. >> he had the book for two or three days and i heard he really -- i said you have to keep this secret. you can't tell anybody about it or i will get in trouble. so he had it to enjoy before anybody else did. >> reporter: it didn't end there. >> i gave him a virtual tour of my studio which is above my store in plainvil i got to spend a lot of time talking with him. >> reporter: he now calls him a friend and kinney does too. >> at the end of the conversation i said you got a friend in me and thing will be a real friendship. >> he is promoting his book and haven't had a chance to meet maylon but wants to meet him in person and i interviewed him before over the years, and he is able to connect with kind of that feeling like an outsider, that kind of awkward time in
4:47 pm
>> blair: he is connecting with a lot of people. our producer found this story. i am glad he did, because something that a lot of people need to be thinking about. >> elizabeth: just a wonderful and positive thing for him to do and i am hour it impacted his life. >> blair: a great story. new england christmas tree growers say the drought has not slowed town the production of trees, the roots can still gather on dry day. the problem is newly planted trees that don't have the deep roots. farms lost half of their saplings. now the forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the storm tracker weather team. >> kevin: we tried to get rain to help it out with anything that is growing but wasn't much of it. a cup of showers that i am track ing from brookline to boston where the sun was poking out and rain showers coming through from brookline, to needham, wellesley and framingham. in needham, a little bit of
4:48 pm
back into wellsly, seeing some of that as well. into the framingham area. you see a cup of spots of yellow showing up south of the massachusetts turnpike now. route 9 getting that heavier shower right there and there are some out there. not a lot but some out there through sherburn, holliston and medfield. lighter showers and around lowell, develop much more than it was and it is moving into wilmington and north reading along 93 and the radar sweeps ar and pushes the showers a little farther to the south. lynnfield along 93. and we keep scrolling down find those showers metro west. they no doubt moved as well with the last radar sweep. there is roslindale, and takes you out toward -- a little farther out to the west to the city of boston. there is needham. this was the newton area toward newton. this is dedham and they have slowed just nought of that e and d, the heavier shower in
4:49 pm
approaching dover and sheburn and not as heavy as it was a few seconds ago. you are watching this with me, live storm tracker radar and showers through medfield are with you to the south. that was neat to see to be able to track them when it is happening. these showers to the berkshires moving on through and watching a couple through the evening hours. for the evening drive when you are driving along, you may run into one of these showers that will slow y roadway wet. this keeps on pushing on by. the heaviest gone to the north and east of us and expect the heavy rain to the north and certainly have panned out. the cooler air has not arrived. in the jivts it is supposed to be. in the 50s where it is supposed to be and everything is where it is supposed to be for now. what i am expecting much cooler air behind the showers. and the cold front going on by. and this cold front will usher in the dry air, and more sun throughout the day and increasing sunshine into the afternoon and cooler air, so
4:50 pm
they will be in the mostly 50s. couple of upper 40s back here, and an idea of the cooler air that is coming in to start your weekend. so cool, in fact, early saturday morning, snow falling up here around sugar bush and northward through -- just into the mountains east of burlington, vermont. burlington by the lake. a little lower out there and the higher train you will find the snowshower activity and it dives southward. a rain or snowshower especially in the hill towns early saturday morning with the cool also on saturday, bc and louisville playing. game at noontime 49 degrees. staying dry with a mixture of sun and clouds. the seven-day forecast, any events going on this weekend, forecast for, send them to me at twitter. a small chance of a shower saturday and sunday with the cool air, and still not changing that forecast. you still get an extra hour sleep, i promise. new at 4:30, a popular
4:51 pm
this presidential race determine which clothes this t sells. >> nordstrom carries ivanka trump. but a long-time customer said her support of her father campaign. nordstrom say they are not taking a position at all and customer can decide on their own what to buy. a local song writer is celebrating a huge win at the country music awards. this cool. >> blair: she won song of the year for theec the winning tune is called humbling kind. it was inspired by a prayer she brought for her own five children. she won a grammy earlier this year and written for faith hill an hunter hayes. ?[ music ] ? >> blair: a lot of people are talking about this. >> elizabeth: beyonce showed off her texas roots. she joined the dixie chicks on
4:52 pm
the country trio covered the song. >> blair: people are saying beyonce can do whatever she wants. a man ended up in the hospital with yellow skin and severe vomiting because he drank too many of those energy drinks. he drank four or five of the drinks per day to keep up with his intense workload. >> incredible. doctors say he has liver damage and taking in too much b 3 which is niacin. each had 200 of the recommended the brand of drink was not named. a woman from china is giving new meaning to the term golddigger. according to bbc, she convinced 20 boyfriends -- 20 each to buy her a new iphone 7 s and turns around and sells them to a tech company and $18,000 to put down a payment on a new home. >> blair: that's deep. >> elizabeth: it is deep, my friend. unsure if the story is true,
4:53 pm
but. there is a warning for children and parents, kids are eating too much salt. next at 4:30, the foods that are to blame, and what can happen if the problem is not turned around. here is mark ockerbloom with what we are working for fox25 news at 5:00. all new at 5:00, an exclusive look how vets are helping other vets turn their lives around and stay out of jail. plus. a little dakota's nose was quivering in fear.
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so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose. with lotion to comfort and soothe when she blows. don't get burned by ordinary tissues. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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>> elizabeth: this graphic video show the exact moment when a bus and slams no to a house. one homer says the most interesting part of the film is what happens by the truck. two people can be seen getting
4:57 pm
california high school football coach is under fire. he's suspended after being caught on camera, doing a body shot off one of his players. >> blair: let's show you that video in question. the coach is apparently licking something out of the player's belly button. the coach's attorney says it wasn't alcohol, but rather, maple syrup. it was part of a celebration after a student won a pancake award for having the most blocks in a game last month. and new health warnings, children eating way too much salt. >> elizabeth: if they don't pressure and lead to heart disease. jacqueline feld takes a look at the foods that are to blame. >> the reporter: researchers say packaged and processed foods bought at the grocery store companied for most of the salt intake among kids -- pizza, fast-food and the food in the school cafeteria are also to blame. the saltiest foods are eating include mexican dishes, burgers, breads, soups, savory sacks and cheese. a new study out today looked at
4:58 pm
2,000 american children. researchers say a preference for salty foods developed early in the life, continues on into adulthood, putting them at great are rushing for cardiovascular problems. they found the average salt intake for kids was around 3200 milligrams per day, not including any salt added at the table. doctors recommend about 2,000 milligrams per day. the study found the least healthy or day was dinner. in washington, jacqueline feld. >> blair: happening right now, massachusetts voters are breaking records. >> elizabeth: that's right. the reason so many have within waiting in very long lines. fox 25 news at 5:00 p.m. starts right now. >> mark: now at 5:00 p.m., we're in the homestretch. voters in massachusetts wait in long lines to cast their ballots days before the election. >> the reporter: record turnout across the state for early voting. tonight, we'll take you inside some of the busiest polling places.
4:59 pm
are sending to new miami, -- new hampshire. >> kevin: last of the showers. how much cooler it will be behind them. >> the reporter: a 2001 serial killer is trying to prove he shouldn't be sentenced to death. hear what happens in his own words. >> vanessa: issues plaguing the t and commuter rail and not a single snowflake has fallen. fox 25 investigates asks, what's being done to avoid another winter of freezing and frustrating commutes. >> mark: first at 5:00 p.m., voters in massachusetts heading to the polls, many waiting in long lines, like this one right here, to cast their ballots ahead of election day. now, just five days away. late polling shows a race that is coming down to the wire, the candidates are pulling out the stops with big names and big money before tuesday. good evening everyone, i'm mark ockerbloom. >> vanessa: i'm vanessa welch. president obama and donald trump will both be in new hampshire in the coming days.
5:00 pm
crystal, we're seeing a very large early voter turnout. >> the reporter: yeah. we're seeing long lines in cities like boston, and in the suburbs. now, secretary galvin says they expected 15% of registered voters to come out and participate in early voting but now, that number is expected to be over 20%. 11:00 a.m. in framingham and the the length of the christa mcauliffe library. >> people have more time to spread out. >> the reporter: there are 40,000 register voters if town and nearly a third of them have railroad cast their ballots, way above expectations. boston city hall averaged over 2,000 early voters a day. i'm pretty confident by the time we get to tuesday, we will have had a million ballots cast. >> the reporter: statewide, over 800,000 have already voted and secretary of state bill galvin tells me that number is only


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